CATEGORIES: Metal Forming , Fiber Laser Cutting ,





Good dynamic characteristics and high working efficiency


1. The machine tool is equipped with a high-strength welded body and aluminum beams with a special process design, ensuring an excellent rigidity and high strength.
2. A double side drive gantry ensures the beams have a balanced force, small transmission error and excellent dynamic characteristics.
3. The focal length and power of the cutting head can be automatically adjusted following the cutting requirements, and improve the processing efficiency.


High stability and long service life


1. The EtherCAT bus controlled network transmission is free from external interference and offers a system with high reliability.
2. The integrated software PLC design has no hardware module, ensuring a long serve life and very low fault risks.
3. The laser source features no modular components, ensuring an excellent stability and no need to change modules.
4 The oil pump regularly adds lubricating oil to the driven components, ensuring that the driven components are in good condition and have a long service life.


Perfect accessibility and convenient operation


1.An open-type front design gives the operators easy access to entire laser cutter cutting area.
2. An intelligent operating terminal features a friendly interface, simple and easy operation.
3. The moveable hand-held controller allows for fast manual positioning of the cutting position, thus ensuring convenient operation.


Ergonomics design and high safety


1. A fully-enclosed protective design and OD5 class fiber optic protective glass ensure operator safety.
2. A viewing window is designed on the front and offers a full-width light for clear observation.
3. The 19 ” large size touch operating terminal features an adjustable visual angle, offering an excellent operability.
4. Eco-friendly design, low noise and small dust emission.





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