GU20 x 40S

  • GU20 x 40S

CATEGORIES: Conventional , Grinding Machines , Cylindrical Grinding


Stable and Rigid Spindle Head
  • The spindle runs on precision bearings, assuring maximum spindle stability. It guarantees outstanding accuracy for external and internal diameter grinding and face grinding.
  • The spindle head swivels +90°~-30°.
  • The spindle head on the 20 series machines provides variable speed changed by frequency inverter.
  • The spindle head on the 32 and 42 series is driven by servomotor, providing variable speed.
Precision Wheel Head
  • The grinding wheel spindle is precision machined from high quality alloy steel SNCM-220, normalized, tempered, carburized and sub-zero treated, precision ground and mirror-effect treated. Hardness reaches to over HRC 62°. No deformation, maximum wear resistance and lifetime accuracy are assured.
Special Hydrostatic Bearing
  • The wheel spindle runs by using a special hydrostatic bearing and is especially ideal for precision grinding work. It features high speed, no friction between metals, no heat generation, deformation-free, extra high accuracy and continual use.
Advanced Hydrostatic Lubrication System
  • The slideways of the table and the wheel head are lubricated by an advanced automatic hydrostatical lubrication system. This provides various features, such as extremely smooth movement, added feed accuracy and superior grinding accuracy.


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