Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications MODEL 2500M
Table area 1500x350mm (59×13.7″)
Number of “T” shaped slots 5-16H7
Distance between “T” shaped slots 60mm
Rotary movement of table in both direction 45°
Automatic Longitudinal 1150mm (46″)
Automatic cross 400mm (15 3/4″)
Automatic Vertical 500mm (20″)
Available distance from spindle to overarm 155mm (6″)
SPINDLE (horizontal)
Housing of the taper spindle ISO-40/50
Diameter of the main Shaft nose 88.88-128.57mm
Milling arbor diameter (*) 27mm or (1″)
Number of speeds of the spindle (R.P.M.) 12(40-1800) 50HZ
Longitudinal and cross feeds 10-1208mm (0.4-47″)
Vertical feed 5-604mm (0.2-23″)
Longitudinal and cross 1208mm (47″)/min (60HZ)
Vertical 604mm (23″)/min
V-Belts 4
Main motor HP 7.5
Feed motor HP 2.5
Cooling-pump HP 1/8 (0.10)
Housing of the taper spindle ISO-40/50
Number of speeds 12
Speed range (R.P.M) (35-1600) 50HZ
Power HP 5.5
Maximum weight on table 600kg (1320 lb)
Net weight 3200kg (7040 lb)
Gross weight with seapacking case 3400kg (7480 lb)
Cubical measure of packing 184x227x227cm (70x89x88″)
  • NOTE: We reserve the right to modify and improve the specification without notice, the specification shown above is for reference only.

    • Rapid traverse on “X”, “Y” & “Z axis.
    • Via inverter variable feeding on “X,“Y” & “Z” axis.
    • High quality meehanite casting body
    • GC-45/DIN-40.
    • All gears & shafts are hardened. & ground
    • Table swivels ± 45° degrees left & right.
    • All “X”, “Y” & “Z” wider square slide ways & table surface are harden & ground.
    • Motorized ARM/RAM elec. Motor is 3.75KW (5.5HP)
    • Horizontal spindle elec. Motor is 5.5KW (7.5HP)
    • All square slide way & dovetail way are bigger & stronger.
    • Cast iron is either ASTM No.40/ meehanite GC-45 or DIN GG-40.


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